15 Habits of Good Writers


The 15 Good Habits of Good Writers

As Presented at Comicpalooza 2014, Houston, Texas

Thoughts from Panelist Author Pamela Fagan Hutchins

  1. Write something EVERY day
  2. Read (a little) every day
  3. Watch a little TV or movies weekly
  4. Eliminate distractions, but write when and where it works best for you
  5. Observe and experience, actively
  6. Plan your writing (yep, I mean outline)
  7. Make notes or a journal of observations, anecdotes, and experiences
  8. Set up an editorial calendar of the things you’d like to write
  9. Blog, submit for contests, submit for publication, tell people you write
  10. Work with and support writers better than you are
  11. Help and encourage writers that aren’t as good as you
  12. Attend and teach conferences and workshops
  13. Write until the end before you edit
  14. Read your work aloud
  15. Write outside your comfort zone, in different genres and formats

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Pamela Fagan Hutchins writes award-winning and bestselling romantic mysteries and hilarious nonfiction, and moonlights as a workplace investigator and employment attorney. She is passionate about great writing, smart authorpreneurship, and her two household hunks, husband Eric and one-eyed Boston terrier Petey. She also leaps medium-tall buildings in a single bound, if she gets a good running start. (Pamela is President of the Houston Writers Guild,, too.)