Deepest Sorrow

Boston MarathonPanhandle Professional Writers would like to take this opportunity to express our West_Texas_by_Pwndejodeepest sorrow to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and the West, Texas fertilizer plant disaster.

Our hearts are with you all as you heal from these horrible events.  Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for each of you.

In posting this blog I have chosen not to attach photos of these two events and instead displayed more iconic images to represent the spirit of the people.  We have all seen the images of the tragedies.  They are emblazoned on our souls like the many others this country has experienced in the past, both man-made and natural.

Let us focus on what is good rather than dwell on the sadness.  Let us not seek to blame any religion or political beliefs for what happened in Boston, but only the two who committed this unforgivable act of cowardice.

Let us remember those in both cities who have lost their lives or been forever changed by these events.

Suzanne Bogue



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2 responses to “Deepest Sorrow

  1. Beautiful post. We’re all still grieving.